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Just thinking..

It's amazing, somehow, how I find songs, from time to time, that fit so perfectly in the rythm of my soul.
Interesting thing is, that most are from the "darker scene" *laugh* I just found another one.. not going to post it here though, because it hit just one string inside of me, that I try to cut anyway. Some people might get a wrong idea when they read the lyrics.
Some people might already get a wrong idea by reading this ^^
Aw man..

It is surprisingly exhausting to take care and watch after and be considerate of so many people. But I like to do this, I mean, it's a crucial part in my life to be able to help and support others.
Grr, no, I'm not complaining about my friends..

Hehe.. Right now I'm thinking of passwording this blog again oO Chances are good that I get an own "official" homepage soon anyway.. or maybe I should try and write diary again, that is more helpful than most people think. Problem is, I'm too lazy for this *laugh* It's easier to type..

This is pretty complicated. If I would write down everything, really every single thing that's on my mind -right now- I wouldn't be able to finish until sunrise. And my nature is, that I forget many things and then they come up in my mind again later.. meaning what I would write down wouldn't be really everything at all.
Phew, oh no.. I'm drowing in self-pity, that's so embarassing. I hate this.. I could start and complain about many other things now, but I won't, it's useless anway.
"Could, would, should", what does that get me to? Nowhere, right..
I guess it's to late to be really thinking clearly, that's why this mess here came up.
Hm, no.
Ah, whatever.

Hey, I started to listen to HIM again *laugh* Just by accident, but hell, I love their version of "Wicked Game" *sings along*
(Just in case.. no, that is not that song I was talking about earlier )
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