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Next concert

Dimmu Borgir
22 Oct 2007 (20:00)
Docks Hamburg, Germany

European Tour with special guests: Amon Amarth & Engel

Hehe.. I thought alot whether to go there or not, but since I was asked and I guess this will be a hell load of fun I'll just go..
'specially with Amon Amarth!
Will cost a lot of money though.. but it's my first weeks in Bremen again, so this will be a nice opportunity to celebrate
It's the first day of my semester. So I guess it will be pretty exhausting, too.. Ah well, it's only Hamburg, not that far away.

Thursday I'll drive to Bremen with some stuff I get in the car and prepare the flat for my furniture.
Then, saturday, my furniture arrives.. everything complete, hopefully. So building up and stuff..
Driving home to my mum, staying there the night. Sunday I'll go visit my father again, then drive on to Rostock, hopefully preparing my shooting there. Staying there by a good friend, driving on to my sister, leaving the car with her.
And after that everything else is not planned yet ^^°
Have to get back to my mum somehow, then getting my tomcat and somehow going to Bremen with him. Then it will be the orientation week of the unviersity. The week after that is the concert.

So much for my plannings
2.10.07 19:50


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