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New beginning

Or something like that..
I'd post Galadríel's opening words from LotR I now, if I knew them by heart..but I guess most of those people, who have seen the movie, know what she said.

What has changed?
For this blog, I deleted the password, for I don't see the need for it anymore.

For my studies, I'm still hanging with sociology, but I got a more specific look on what I might do next semester now.
Possibilities are Digital Media, Tourismmanagement, Psychology, Teacher in Englisch and French/German/Greek (first is sure, others not yet), Englisch and Language Science (which is the basic for teacher, but I could be doing something else with it, too).
Currently my tendencies go to teaching. There I can combine quite a lot of my main interests, and the chances for getting a job are pretty good, too.
Only hook is, I would have to do english/language science in Bremen, but the teaching studies (for example) in Rostock. And that only because of the tuition fee
We'll see...

For my family..hm, well, my dad's still in prison, but might get out this summer. My mum's with her new partner, and rather happy, I think. My sis...hm..works and studies.

For myself..
I wanna have Zelda : Twilight Princess I don't care that much about the Wii, since I have a Gamecube..but I need this game
Oh yeah, I'm blonde again. After about..hm...5 years or so of red hair.
Pictures should be up soon. I had my first professional shooting on 14.04., and I should be getting the pics this week or so.
I already have an idea for my next..just need to talk to the photographer and the one who I think would be perfect for the other part next to me
I'm far more outgoing, now..ah, well, might be exaggerating..I went out with Kaddi on friday 13th and met a few new people. One of them volunteered to play the "city guide" for me Now I'd say that I know Bremen pretty well..once you know the main points, you know the whole city. And I really like it now..I'm still not much into parties, but the parks and downtown are really beautiful, if you know where to go..and hey..the woods! I love it..especially when we have this nice spring weather. Too bad my "city guide" is busy these days..

I changed, thanks to what has happened in the past, and that's ment in a positive way. At least for me, that is.
I can't really put a finger on it, though..
There was a time, when I called the "me", that I am near to be now, "kuro".
I'm still there for those important to me. Which are very few these days.
But I'm also more cold to those who disappointed me.
I think that's fair.

I still need to physically end the past.
But there's no excuse left that would be strong enough to prevent me from doing so.
30.4.07 22:21


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