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Things are changing again

My current life pretty much works like a rollercoaster..
As soon as you've become comfortable with one way, it turns a completely different way and leaves you confused and uncertain again.
Sometimes that's good, sometimes bad. And most often you can't really tell at the beginning.

Hmm, so not so important things first..
I finally made it and updated my gallery. So there are some new pics of me and some friends of mine online. As soon as I get my webcam (finally ^o^) there might be coming a few more, though ^^°
The pics are not that small, so be warned if you got a slow netconnection or something..

My birthday is up, just one more week and one day to go..then I'll be 20..
Oh my god...I'm not that bothered by becoming older (yet), but 20 still sounds odd. I don't feel like "20", I feel like..I don't know. Something with a "1" at the beginning ^^°
Argh, can't stop it anyway..
Good thing is, that I might get a "new" old pc, a much better one than the one I have now. This one's pretty old..and always seems to be shortly before crashing.
So when I get that new one..I can use that little time that's left before my "real studies" to enjoy, for example, Guild Wars, finally
If I can afford to buy it, that means..we'll see.

Yeah, my studies...
Until some days ago I was pretty much fixed on becoming a teacher for english and greek. I still think that this wouldn't be such a bad idea.. I would be able to live my interest in languages and still live from it. On the other hand...me, a teacher? I don't really like children that much.. and when I have a bad day it's fatal to get on my nerves too much.
So I thought it over..
Almost everyone I know, including my family, says that I'd make a good psychologist. Just the majority of them also says that I won't be able to carry this out forever ^^°

1) I love helping people in any way possible.
2) I'd say I'm not that bad in understanding people's behaviour and reasons.
3) I'm pretty good at interpreting people's behaviour.

And 4th (and that's the point that made me focus on this way in the end), following my intuition resulted in good things in most of the cases. And my first intuition was to study psychology.
In any case I can think of, that I haven't heard on what my intuition told me, something bad resulted out of it.
So I guess I'll just conciously trust it..

I'm going to send out applications for the universities in Bremen, Chemnitz, Dresden, Greifswald, Jena, Kiel and Leipzig.
I hope to be able to go to Dresden, because they focus on what interests me the most. Second choices would be Greifswald and Leipzig. The others come after that...
I won't like it to move away from Bremen again, but I have to go where I can study, and that is where it is possible for my mum to financially support me. And that -is- in the east of Germany.. Bremen has to be the last opportunity, since this is the most expensive one.
If it goes like last year and Greifswald accepts me again, I'll have to go there. It's still the diploma study course, quite "cheap" and near to my hometown.
Bremen, Chemnitz, Jena and Leipzig already changed the course to bachelor and master. And honestly, I'd prefer the diploma..
That means that I can't go to Rostock, to my friends..but I learned from the past, I musn't decide where to study on where my friends are..as sad as it is..

Single Kata: 1st
Synchron Kata: 1st
Grand Champion: 3rd

Ahh, I'm so proud of him! =^^=
These are the results of my brother-at-heart from the ~1st IMAF World Open Championships 2007~.
Just had to write that down immediatly, 'cause I just called him..phew..I'm relieved now ^^°
Whole story:
I've been in Emden at the WC yesterday to support him.
It were the qualifications for today, the finals. Some weeks ago, someone misused his katana, so it's blade is bent now. That way he can't do his form really perfect, like before..so his chances weren't that good (he said..).
I saw him doing his form..it was awesome! He qualified for the finals without any problems, and the final results are just what I've told him ^^v
Although handicapped in that way with his katana he even passed by other senseis and got to the 3rd position! And..he doesn't even have a dan yet xD
I mean..I know he's far more than just "good", and there are many people, who know much more about martial arts than I'll ever do, that think so, too.
Be proud of yourself
Told you already, I sure am!

Actually wanted to write something more, but I don't feel like it now..too happy ^^

I'll just add a few pics I took there yesterday...sorry for the very bad quality, I only had my mobile phone's cam and had to resize some of those pics..

The opening ceremony..

The indian priest holding the ceremony

And my brother-at-heart recieving the scarf from the priest ^^
27.5.07 22:16


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