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Current Situation

Hrm, actually I should be learning, but I just got a call and that's a perfect moment for an update:
I got some news! Good or bad ones is a matter of the point of view, so:

First, my mum's going to move by the first of october. Which brings a few problems with it, for example what is going to happen with our dog Bruno. He is pretty old..so I guess if he's still living by that time my sis is taking him with her again. She doesn't know about this story yet, anyway. She'd be really angry, and that wouldn't be any good, since she's got exams..
For my mum this is pretty good, finally no more responsibilties with the house and all the work will be gone. That house is just too big to live in alone. And her new home will be far more near to her work, it lies in the city in a calm part with view on a small lake. So really nice.

Second, I'll be moving, too, in less than 3 weeks :D
Not that I'm that happy to move away from Bremen, I'm just happy to leave this mess of a flat and room mate, finally!
So I'm going home for the next two months, August and September. After that, and after I hopefully got a positive answer from the ZVS, I'll be moving to wherever I can go to study psychology. Or, probably becoming a teacher, if they want me, and the psychologists not *laughs* We'll see.. until now I hope to be going to Dresden, for psychology, or Rostock, for teacher. Both would be pretty cool..although Dresden would be 4 hours by train and ~30 euro for one way. But the people seem to be really nice, the town is beautiful, quite cheap AND it's still the diploma course (I think I've written that before..?)
Hehe...anywhere where I'll be by october, I'll finally have my dear tomcat with me! He can't stay with my mum, when she moves out, so he'll be coming with me! Ohh, I'm so looking forward to that..that's what I've been hoping for all the time. And finally I can take him with me :D haaaa *smilesbrightly* I just need a small flat, though a balcony would be great for my kitty..maybe 2 rooms. That's all I'd need..I could even cope with a single room, but then it would -have to- be with a balcony.
Ha..we'll see.
Just now I have to be learning for my exams next week, and I'm far behind my stuff *sigh*
That was just the current news..
Oh, and Friday will be interesting *laughs* As will be the Monday after my exams..someone volunteered to cook for me :D

*dances away*
10.7.07 22:39


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