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Last entry was pretty long ago.. or better, my last entry I didn't upload here. He oO

'kay, so I'm still searching for a flat for me..
Right now it seems I have a pretty good chance to get a flat that would be near to perfect for me.. I hopefully get a message tomorrow, if I can live there or not. It's about time I find something, and I don't want to live with room mates again -.-
In case I have good luck I might describe this flat more tomorrow

It would be nice if it finally worked with my search.
My first try was a pure failure. Went to Bremen, to a house where two flats were available. In one flat, the peple weren't there, although I had talked to them, telling them when I would be there.. The guy from the second flat I wasn't able to catch him - even until today! I don't know if he's on vacation or dead or something.. it's just going on my nerves. This would have been in the 13th, I'd have loved that..
So, that tour was pretty pointless, except for my friend meetings That was fun..
Second tour was a lot more relaxed, I went to a flat, it was awesome, except for it was in the 1st floor, but whatever.. So I went to the Gewoba (the company which rents those flats), but when I arrived there, they told me that the flat was already gone! Argh..!
In the meantime it became more and more difficult to find a flat that would be even worth looking at..
So, last sunday and monday I went to Bremen again, to look at two other flats. Good thing I was able to stay at a friend's house, so I didn't have to go that way 4 times -.-
Sundays flat was nice, but not so perfect. And it was 1st floor, too... Funny though that it would have been in the same house as Alex lives *laugh*
Mondays flat was pretty much better, big, bright, with a Loggia/small balcony, 3rd floor, and a few other nice stuff. And the two other guys before me, that each would have taken that flat didn't appear to sign the rental agreement. Since that I was the first person to visit that flat and I said that I'd definitely take it..
And that's what I'm waiting for right now.
The call that tells me if I get it or not. Wah...

What else?
I'm going to a concert on saturday, with Kaddi and Micha :D Måns would have wanted to come too, but he had to cancel it *sigh* Sad, would have been fun..
But I'm still SO looking forward to it, finally get to see Samsas Traum again! ^^

Hmm.. still hoping to get a great shooting for october, but doesn't look that good right now..

Then there's my moving out (hopefully)..
And maybe the RSN in Bremen on 29.9. .. if I can make it. And feel like it *laugh* Depends on many things, whether I go there or not, though it might be nice to party sometime again.
We'll see..

Have to find a place for Bruno, too.. and I should better hurry or it might be too late *sigh* My mam's moving first october week, too, and by then he has to be out of here, at the latest..

And also some other things on my mind..

By the end of october I want to get my stuff back, but by then I'm already living in Bremen so it shouldn't be that much of a problem anymore. Not that there ever really existed a problem, right.. bah.

Now going to find something to eat..
Getting a little hungry here ^^

P.S.: Damn, my english's gotten bad oO
19.9.07 14:58


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