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And some other things..

One thing came out pretty much shortly before the concert. Something I mentioned the entry before the last, before that one also. Hmm... I became doubting again. Doubting my decision. I hear the same thing from every direction, the same I think, too, actually.. but it's hard.
I'm listening to that song again *sigh*

The concert!
I guess this will stay pretty short, because it's late already, but here we go..
I stood up at 8 a.m. At 10:30 I drove to the train station to get Moebius, at 2 p.m. we drove to pick up Lajil and go on on our way to Ludwigslust. From there on we went by train to Berlin, everything was fine.
8 p.m. in front of the Columbia Club. Entrance, waiting for the concert to start, then:
1st preband - Nachtmahr. Electronic stuff.. hmm.. not my thing really. 'kay, they finished.. I hoped for Samsas Traum to start, but no.. a 2nd preband!
Spiritual Front.. something pop-like.. not my thing either. Both bands didn't fit in the concept for Samsas Traum, and the audience, pretty nice actually, became a bit pissed.
However, about 10:30 p.m. Samsas Traum finally started and it was awesome! I enjoyed every second of it :3 It was a bit short though.. but they played those songs I needed to hear live, so I'm happy. Only thing I regret is missing the chance t get an autograph.. but maybe next time.
Phew.. so.. after the concert, 1 a.m., we found our way back to Berlin Central Station, found something to eat and waited for our train back home, 4 a.m.
Back in bed.. Lajil was about 6 a.m., Moebius and me about 7 a.m., then talked until 8 a.m. and stood up again at 10 a.m. ^^° That was the concert..
After that I went to visit my father.

That was yesterday, sunday.
Today my rental agreement came, so I'm going to Bremen tomorrow again to get my keys ^^ Haw..finally. Then measuring, maybe going to university again to meet some friends, going back home..

Today evening was interesting though.. something else, I never mentioned here before, came out. When, though, a bit else then intended by me. I guess that needs a bit effort to fix, but not now.. it wouldn't work out well now.

There's still a lot on my mind. Especially that topic from the beginning. I'm tempted to post the lyrics of this songtext..
Maybe I'll do it someday. But that wouldn't be a good idea right now, so I guess.. I'll just end this here..

Good night you all
25.9.07 00:01


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