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Ok now, here it is: The first Dir en Grey european concert! *woohoo* ^__^
And I've been there *yay*

Um,. yeah *coughcough* I'll try to wirte down everything I remember, my whole 2 1/2 days in Berlin, so... ya. Here we go ^-^

Day one - Friday, 2005-05-27

I got up at half past 5, because I hadn't packed my stuff yet (which is typical for me..), so everything started kinda chaos-like. I threw like everything I found useful in a rucksack and a smaller bag, then took those bags + my schoolbag with me to school (which wasn't very funny, especially because the schoolbus isn't that big -.-). Um...yeah. I solved school, then kohitsuji and me went to her home, where her mum already waited for us. She drove us to the railway station in Ludwigslust. Leaving my schoolbag behind (XD), we went to Berlin...yay! That was one of those moments, when we realized that we're going to see the Diru's LIVE, in colour *lolz* Right...except the little delay of 10 minutes, we arrived happily in Berlin. After a little search ("Is that her over there?" - "No, I don't think so... Oh wait, look over there!" *big grin*), we found Kris...Big "Thank you for everything" ^-^! Despite a bloody incident, she took us to NeoTokyo, where we got our tickets and two NT-bags (with Toto on 'em ^_^). Then we drove to her home, watched some DeG Clippies and the Photobook (the..chicken! >.<) We had a great barbecue for dinner! And it was the last warm meal we had before the concert ^-^° At 11 o'clock we went to bed (I love that 5 Ugly Kingdom DVD BTW ^-^).

Day 2 - Saturday, 2005-05-28
day of the concert

3 1/2 hours of crappy sleep later (it was freaking hot...), we all got up, ready, had breakfast, waited for a friend of Kris (sorry, I forgot your name ^-^°) and drove to the hall...yeah, we arrived there at about 5 o'clock in the morning. It was perfect temperature, perfect weather ('til then) and some other friends of Kris had reserved a place near the entrance for all of us ^-^ *yay* When we arrived, there were already about 30 people infront of the hall. Partly, they have stayed there over night. Next to us (left) were a group of italians, on the other side some english speaking people, and also germans of course. On the other side of the place sat two japanese girls. I'm not sure, it might have been Seri and Sari (I've seen photos of them from the M10M concert in Munich). But that's only a speculation of mine. So, we sat there, chilled a bit, talking and eating and drinking and singing and stuff ^-^ That went fine until about 6 or 7 o'clock. Then it got warmer and warmer....the sun had started to rise. Fortunately we sat in the shade of some bushes the almost longest time possible. But still...*hot* Passing cars were pretty funny...honking and stuff, the people sitting in the cars looked pretty...confused by that masses ^_^ A police car drove by 2 times. The second time they stopped, one policeman came out and asked some girls what was going on there. Everyone was screaming "Dir en Grey!!!", laughing and cheering for him. The girls gave him their headphones, so that he could listen to what we were waiting for, and there were even more cheering XD. It was pretty cool, and the police men looked a bit...uncomfortable, confused; everyone was staring at him and taking pictures (me too, see at bottom) *lol*. After he and the other policemen were gone again, I felt a bit dizzy (because of the lack of sleep, I guess), so I laid down and tried to sleep a bit...which was impossible (heat, thirst, lack of space, other people's talking). I got up again a little later. I noticed that in the mean time some more (more or less) interesting people had arrived. We were now about one hundred or two, sitting and laughing and stuff. In front of me sat two girls talking in french. (*waves hello to both of 'em when reading this* ( n_n)/` ) We came into talking, and it was very nice and funny, though a bit difficult for me at the beginning, because I'm not used to talking in english, rather writing. But I hope you were able to understand me ^-^° I dunno for how long we were talking. But somewhere around this time the sun reached us and everyone took out umbrellas and fans (the ones to fan cool air, not the people, ne~). It was a funny pic, a sea of umbrellas (I took photos, see at the bottom). Then suddenly there was a big moving, a lot of people ran to the side entrance screaming. Me and my friends didn't know what happened, but we were already to tired to really bother. Well, the two french girls ran there,too. When they came back they told us that Dir en Grey had just arrived...! I was a bit like "WTF, why didn't I run , too >.<'' ", but then again, I wouldn't have been fast enough anyway. So I just thought "wow, already there?" and went on sitting around ^-^. It was almost unbearable, the heat I mean. It was said that there were about 36°C (sorry, don't know in Fahrenheit...just imagine a desert and you're close to it -.-). Everyone longed for drinks or ice, but in the end we hadn't taken (?) enough with us. We were literally melting out there. At about 12 or 13 o'clock I guess we were already about 900 to 1000 people (tell me if I'm exaggerating, Im not -that- good in estimating)


Now it became very difficult to find enough space to sit properly. And it was almost impossible to get out of the masses (to get something to drink or go to the toilet or sth), because there were people -everywhere-. And if you tried to get back to your place, there were comments like "Come earlier, if you want a good place! Go away!! *not moving a bit*" and so on... Hey guys, I've been there from 5 a.m., how much earlier, huh? That was the first time I was rather pissed off...might have been influenced by the heat, too, dunno. Well, time went on slo~wly... In the afternoon there had been a guy on the roof of the hall, taking pictures. It was funny, 'cause the tired, dizzy masses came back to live immediately ^-^ There had been another sudden movement, too. Running and stuff, to the side entrance. It was said, that there had been a white van driving to the entrance. The ones who just arrived must have thought, that it had been Diru. Well, as far as I know, they were already there ^-^ Something I heard later, too, was, that Shinya had been walking around outside the building on the place in front of the side entrance (it was surrounded by a high fence of course) and there was a lot of screaming ^-^ I'd have liked to see that *pout* Ah, well... The guy who had been taking photos came back later with another guy, putting letters reading "Dir en Grey" and "19 Uhr" above the hall entrance. Again, a lot of cheering. Funny to see, that everytime someone metioned Diru (or Kris or one of her friends screaming the name of a random member of Diru, just for fun ^-^) everyone was deadly awaken immediatly, staring around to see if something just happended or if they had missed something ^___^ Something I liked of sitting around in front of the hall was the singing, for example. A few times smaller groups of people started singing Kasumi or Garden, and others joined them. Also, you could always ask someone near you if you could have a drink or something to eat if you were not feeling well. It was unimportant where you came from or what you looked like, we were somewhat of a family, and I liked that very much. Only thing was, that you should speak english a bit, or try "talking" with gestures ^-^
Unfortunately this feeling of a family disappeared that instant, when you could hear the music from the inside of the hall. I guess the staff or maybe even Diru themselves were preparing for the concert. That might have been around 16 o'clock. Most people jumped, when they heard the sound, trying to get near the entrance. I dunno what they were thinking, I mean, it was said that the doors will be opened at 19 o'clock, not earlier. Well, the result was that masses were standing and pushing a bit (yes, only a bit, considering what happened later...). At least kohitsuji and me found a good place to sit now. We talked to some girls sitting next to us. They were from Mecklenburg (Rostock), too ^-^ I felt more and more weak and dizzy, but I forced me to "stay alive" ^-^ We counted the minutes to 19 o'clock. At about quarter to seven some shouting started, like "Dir en Grey", "Open" and so on. I was too weak to join, but I would have liked to ^-^ Anyway, we stood there and stood and stood.... When suddenly, I saw a little moving on the very right door. Immediately alarmed I grapped kohitsuji's rucksack (she was wearing it, I didn't want to loose her in the masses) and pointed to the door. That instant everyone noticed the doors were opening and...well...Do you remember "The Lion's King", the scene in the gorge where mufasa died? I felt like him +__+ OMG, this pushing was so bad...I almost fell down, but tried not to, managed it somehow. Then the first girl (I noticed) fell unconscious. She was taken on hands to the entrance, which was very difficult. But fortunately she made it somehow and the security took care of her. Well, then the entering started. Except for the constant pushing it went rather okay. I lost kohitsuji, but managed to tell her, that we'll meet at the merchandise later. A staff member took my cam (which was ok, I didn't want to take it to the actual concert anyway -> forbidden, y'know), I got a number for it and I rushed to the merchandise stand. Kohitsuji already bought the T-Shirt and CD, I bought the Shirt, too. The guy at the stand was very nice, BTW ^-^ Told me to drink a lot of water, so that I won't faint...if only I would had done this >.< Anyway, we went down to the garderobe then getting rid of our bags. Unfortunately I forgot to take out a bit money, so we weren't able to buy drinks x.X We then went back to the main hall, where security was busy with organizing the incoming masses. We came very near to the stage, Die's side and sat down happily, but thirsty.


Ok, as you might remember, we haven't drank that much outside. I think kohitsuji felt rather ok, but I felt like a fish lying on the dry...Well, next to us sat a girl. Since I was so...clever...to bring only 1€ with me, leaving the money in my rucksack, we asked her if she could lend us some money. And, fortunately, she did (Thank you so~ very much!)! And so I went quickly to the bar, bought a bottle with heavenly ice cold water and fought my way back to kohitsuji. Yeah, I fought. The hall filled very quickly...People, like, everywhere o.o. The security did their best ordering everyone to sit down and keep some space beetween 'em, but still it was rather difficult to get back to my place. Anyway, I returned alive and healthy and the three of us (including the girl of course) drank a bit. I felt much better then, however, still kinda weak. We sat chatting for a while, when suddenly (at about 20:20 o'clock) everyone jumped up, immediately pushing to the stage. Fortunately we all got up in time, otherwise we would have been trampled into the ground...a lot -__- Well, the pushing had begun. Horrible. I mean, -nothing- was going on on stage, except some staff people and maybe roadies checking the instruments one last time! This whole thing went on for quite a while. It had just finally slowly decreased, when at about 20:50 some announcements started. The typical, already known stuff: no cameras, no photos, stop pushing please, everyone wants to survive (well, the last thing was ignored almost completely). Again, lots of pushing. I'll never understand why >>'' Well, those announcements took some time. They were repeated in german, english, french and japanese., everytime there were more pushing ("OMG, there's a guy talking on the stage, is it, like, Toto????" ... Hello~o? -___-) Until that moment I've seen already 6 or 7 girls being pulled out of the crowd, because they had fainted, were hysterical or hurt. I feel sorry for them, really. I'm glad that I didn't faint in the end....However...the show had not even started yet!!


Well, until now, kohitsuji and me stood in the very front, like 1 or 2 m away from the stage. We tried hard not to get separated, but if I had kept on holding her arm to do so, I might have torn her arm out...I think kohitsuji had been pushed more to the front, while I fell more and more backwards. As you might understand, I didn't like that. Not at all. I would have fought for staying at my place, but I had enough to do with staying at my feet and alive. I drank the last sip from the bottle I had kept 'til then and tried to catch a bit fresh air from the air conditioning (which wasn't -that- goo, considering the situation) from time to time. I felt sick, yeah. I started arguing with myself, it went like this: "Get out of here" - "Never! I still have a good place!" - "Doesn't matter if I'm gonna faint here" In the end, I left my place before the show had even begun. Fortunately the people around me were so nice to let me pass without any problems (maybe it was because there was nothing going on on stage that moment). Then I stood there, pissed, because I lost my place. Wet, bacause of the damn heat. Dizzy, because I was thirsty as hell. Again, a fight: "Get something to drink!" - "I don't want to miss the beginning!" - "I'll miss the whole concert, if I don't drink sth now!" - "But I'll have to get my rucksack before, means that I have to go all the way down to the wardrobe...Damn, what time is it?" - "GO, you...!" I stayed ^-^ Well, the moment I decided to go, the lights went out, screaming started and then...

Shinya went on stage! God, he looked gorgeous as always ^___^ [I know I'm kinda fangirl, don't tell me...] I couldn't see that much, because I stood on the right with lots of people in front of me, but still...*__* Shortly after Shin-chan, Die went on stage, followed by Toto, Kao and, of course, Kyo. I wasn't able to see Kao and Toto that good, but Kyo... *_* My impression was that they were pretty excited. Their first live in Germany/Europe, that -is- a reason to be excited, isn't it? ^-^ The first song started, it was "Merciless Cult" and i was...stunned! Though I felt not that good, I felt the whole atmosphere was tensed, excited. The back of the stage was a huge screen showing random stuff (I don't really remember what it was), in breaks words or phrases. Well, Diru were full of energy, though Kyo seemed a bit tensed up. The crowd went with them from the very first second (maybe they went with them a bit too well, but yeah...) BTW I still felt dizzy because of the lack of liquid ^_~ I just couldn't get away from Diru, that's understandable, ne~ Well, after "The meaning of existance" appeared on the screen (I hoped it might be "Raison d'Être" next, cause I love that song, but...) "C" begun and Kyo seemed to get used to the atmosphere in Germany ^-^ I mean, everyone was screaming at every move he made...I think that's a bit different in Japan, isn't it? Then, "saku"...God, I was so happy, that they played that song! Um, yeah...Next was "Jesus Christ R'n'R", but it was then when I left to get my rucksack. I hurried, a lot, but I still missed a lot of that song. Well, I was lucky, that I just almost missed one song... Back up in the hall, I went to the left and got something to drink, always eyes to the stage ^-^ Then I stood at the -very- back of the hall, but had a pretty good view on the stage. Except for Toto, who wasn't moving that much anyway, I was able to see them all ^-^ After "Jesus Christ R'n'R" came "Machiavellism". Though that song is not funny, I had to smile a bit...'cause hearing it live only underlined what I noticed through JRockhumors LJ...It sounds as if Kyo's singing "Kaoru, Kaoru, it's a cashew" instead of "Hurry up, Hurry up, Wrist cut show" Well, my smile froze that instant, when Kyo started to hit himself three or four times with the mic... I didn't know what to think but I felt very bad...just as if it was my fault. I dunno how to explain...I saw this behaviour of his the evening before on the 5Ugly DVD, but it's a completely different situation if you see it yourself. Well, most girlies were screaming extaticly...I could have shot them >> A woman stood next to me when Kyo did this and she turned her head away in disgust...right <<' Somewhere around this time, I had the feeling as if Kao and Shin-chan were watching me ^-^ You know how this goes...the person on stage looks into your direction and you think "Nani? Is he seeing me?" I know that sounds -very- fangirlish and I'm quite sure, that they didn't look at me, but at the handycaped people on the platform behind me, but it was a nice feeling...because both looked a couple of times ^__^ (Don't shoot me, please ._.) Ah, I started to feel better then, thanks to the drink I've bought ^-^ I watched them all closer..Kyo was really gorgeous, he seemed to enjoy the concert more and more. This goes for Kao, Die and Toto as well. But Shin-chan... I have to say that he didn't look that good. I guess it was the heath in the hall, that made him feel bad...Later I heard (but didn't really noticed it myself) that between the songs some staff people brought him water and stuff betweenthe songs. After "higeki wa mabuta wo oroshita yasashiki utsu" there was the first break. I think it was because of Shin-chan, and I think he needed that break very badly...Before it was announced he more hang on his drums than sitting behind them, head down, the hair in front his face, hiding it completely. I felt bad for him and hoped that poor Shin-chan is alright...Then the break went for 10 minutes or so. I was a bit angry. If I had known that before, I could have get my rucksack in that break, not missing -anything- of the concert. But, on the other hand, it wasn't planned, and so no one could have known...hm, anyway. In the break the staff had opened all doors to get some fresh air onto the hall. It helped, but only a bit. Well, better than nothing and I was happy about every bit of fresh air I could get. In that break a rather young, confused-looking guy stood next to me. He asked me what had been announced, because they cleverly only said it in german. Well, I told him of course...he was afraid that Diru won't get back on the stage again (he frightened me with that for a moment), but well, it was only a break....Yeah...some meters in front of me stood a japanese looking guy. I watched him for a while and found it quite amusing (y'know, it's fun watching people, when they don't notice XD) He had a lot of space around him and he teetered a bit on his feet (yeah...I felt fine again and was a bit bored, so what?) When Diru finally got on stage again (Shin-chan looked a lot better then!!), everyone was screaming again. I don't know what that guy had expected, but he looked somewhat surprised, glanced around him smiling widely, shaking his head as if in disbelief that Europe screamed for Diru that powerful...Funny, really ^-^ Well, later I heard that Kagerou no Daisuke had been on the concert, too. Maybe it was him, I'm not familiar with Kagerou, but I'm gonna check that ^-^ Anyway, there was again a phrase on the screen - "a place of despair" - and Diru came back on stage - woohoo!! They began with "audience KILLER LOOP" - what a great song, even more if seen live! I stood more left/middle now, because I wanted to see at least a bit more ^_~ "The IIIrd empire" was next. Normally I don't like that song so much, but live...it's completely different. From that moment until the beginning of the second break I only remember watching Diru, finally being able to feel really happy and content that I was there, in the hall, with Diru celebrating in front of me. The last song before the second break was "kodou", again a great song (I'm repeating myself, am I not? ^-^) In the break I decided to bring my rucksack back to the wardrobe, so that I would be able to get more in the middle of the crowd, celebrating ^-^ Because of the break a lot of people had left their place in the middle of the hall, so it was rather easy for me to get a good place. I think I stod about 5 meter away from the stage now. All in all a good view...I thought. Well, as Diru got back on stage, I noticed that I couldn't see Die anymore, because of a tall guy standing on the right in front of me -__-'' But I was able to see Kao and Toto better now and that was great ^-^ Do you know how Kao acts while concerts? I described as "Teh biggest pimp" or something like that...dunno how to describe in english ^-^° Don't get me wrong, I like Kao, it just looked like that to me...Well, except for Kyo he was the only one really interacting with the crowd. He often came in front of the stage, gesticulating. Whenever he raised his arms, the audience followed (me too ^-^). An amazing view. And a funny, too, because of his mimics XD Priceless...typical Kao. Toto came in front of the stage, too, once. But really, he -was- tha calmest of them (count Shin-chan out of this, how active towards the audience can you be sitting behind the drums? ^-^) Well, later I read, that Die fell down once, but went on playing grining. Unfortunately I didn't see that, but I think it's typical Die ^-^ Everytime I was able to see him for a short moment, I saw him smiling...he -does- have a cute smile, ne~ ^-^ They played "Child Prey" at the end of this...God, -that- was the best part of the concert for me. The audience was screaming the "ohohohohhh~"-Parts, with Kyo singing of course...awesome! I dunno how to describe it, just... *___* Y'know, everyone felt something like a connection then, I think... Sure, the audience has sang along earlier, too. But this time it was, like, planned and guided by Kyo himself, he involved us in his song! I think that was it, what made it so special...At the end, Kao, Die and Toto threw their plecs into the audiendce, Kao even kissed his before throwing ^-^ Shin-chan threw 4 sticks (I didn't get one, dammit >___<'') and Kyo, well, spit water and threw the bottle afterwards ^-^ Oh yeah, they were all threwing bottles XD Kyo screamed "Dankeschön" (Thank you) almost without any accent and went of stage as the last one - smiling widely! I was so happy when I saw that, 'cause it meant he had enjoyed it (y'know, maybe they'll come back ^-^), the others, too, I think ^__^
Well, I couldn't believe it was over already. And I wasn't the only one: Shouting started, shortly after Diru left the stage. "en-co-re" and "zu-ga-be" or simply "Dir-en-Grey", over and over again. And really - they came back, once more! They played Byo//Shin, everyone gave the rest of power they had left, both the band and the audience! Awesome... After that song was ofer, too, everyone of the band threw their towels, Kyo kept his until the very end - on the head! OMG, even if he hates being called that, but that was -definately- the cutest thing ever! Kao splurted some water into the crowd, the threw the bottle. Toto kicked one into the crowd (which looked kinda funny, because the outrunning water formed a spiral...) and even threw one - into the very back onto the balconies! Man, that was quite far o.o Kao threw all of his plecs, I think. I think he was the first one leaving. Then Toto went off... Die picked all of his plecs of his mic-holder(?) and formed a plec-rain, throwing them all into the audience at once..it looked funny, though it was a bit unfair, because that way only the right side of the crowd got some of his plecs >.> Well, he left then, too, smiling as always XD. Then Shin-chan came to the front. The whole concert he had been that ice cold guy he normally looks like...He threw one stick right behind me, one 1m in front of me, the third landed on the left balcony and the last one he threw with the back to the audience, to the right ^-^ And he smiled, as he left! Excuse my fangirlyness, but he really smiled! Shinya, the iceberg! *melts* XD Sorry....I'll never forget that, as I will never forget that whole concert...Well, Kyo was the last again. He threw a big bucket of water over himself, then the bucket into the audience XD Followed by his towel. I only saw a group of people going down where the towel landed. kohitsuji told me later, that there had been a reall bitch fight about that towel, and that it's now torn appart in several pieces -__- Anyway, Kyo left for the last time, again smiling and shouting a happy-sounding "Sayounara!" to the audience - what an awesome day/night!!


Day 3 - Sunday, 2005-05-29
Traveling home

I felt like being in trance, as I left the hall heading to the wardrobe. I was wet. I mean -really- wet. Even my hair dripped a bit >> But it was worth it, ne~ ^-^ I think I had to queue for 15 minutes or so...did I mention that I didn't take my watch with me into the hall ^-^° It was then, when I saw some people from Animexx, too (Okami for example *waves* ^-^) When I was almost at the desk of the wardrobe, I noticed a group of japanese girls from the corner of my eye. One of them was looking at me quite funny...First she loke dat my face, then down to my feet, again to my face. I could almost hear her thinking "That girl's tall! o.o", because she couldn't find any platforms at my feet ^-^° Anyway, as soon as I had my rucksack back, I walked up again, to the exit. I really needed to get out of there *fresh air, ne~* When I entered the foyer I felt like running agaist a wall...inside there it was even hotter than inside the hall! I had to stand there, waiting to get my cam back...Always looking out for kohitsuji ^-^ She finally came out of the hall, even more dripping wet than I was ^-^ Well, she'd been at the front all the time...She told me to get to the next subway-station to meet Isi and Fibi, the girls we were supposed to drive back home with. Well, she's quite smaller than me, so she was able to get through that mass of people waiting easier than me ^-^ Only problem for me was...where was the subway station? o.o Is just started walking. On the way I met the two french girls again and we talked a bit again. They were really nice ^-^ Well I went on. At a crossing I paused, wondering where to go next. I sat down for a while then, watching the people passing by. Quite interesting ^-^ Since most of them went to the right, I just followed them. Right decision *yay* I found the station, but no Fibi, no Isi (I even didn't know what they looked like...) Sat down again and waited...Not so long and kohitsuji arrived as well. She took some photos. We looked re~ally tired XD Well, Fibi and Isi arrived shortly after, so we went down to the station. We had to wait for some minutes there. Funny view, the whole station was full with black or dark dressed people with strange and mostly messed up make-up ^-^ Well...got into the subway train, to Berlin Alexanderplatz...I think. Where we got something to drink, and I bought something to eat as well. Up to the platform, sitting down, relaxing. I think I slept a bit already, after I ate my roll XD Into the train later, to the next station. When we got out there - shock! Everything was full with blue people! We all forgot, or didn't knew, that there had been a soccer game on 28th, too. F.C. Schalke versus F.C. Bayern München, if you want to know....well the whole station was crowded with Schalke-fans... *buah* We went to the -very- end of the platform, as far away from them as possible ^-^ We had to wait for our train to arrive quite long, so we layed down and chilled a bit. I thin I was really sleeping again... I don't know what time it was then, maybe something around 2 a.m. The train arrived, we got in and slept as good as possible ^-^° In Schwerin main station we got out again. Isi's father drove us home (Thank you very much!), means me and Kathi to my home. Kathi's father arrived sometime after, driving her home as well. I was so tired I fell onto the couch immediately and slept until 4 or 5 p.m. when my mother came back home.
Well, that was it. My review. I can't believe I really finished this! Oh yeah, this is my first review ever, so please excuse that I'm not that objective ^-^° Following will be the setlist, photos will come up later!!!


Merciless Cult
Jesus Christ R n R
The Final
kodoku ni shisu, yue ni kodoku
dead tree
itoshisa wa fuhai nitsuki
higeki wa mabuta wo oroshita yasashiki utsu

First break

audience KILLER LOOP
Beautiful Dirt
Mr. Newsman
Spilled Milk

Second break

Increase Blue


Byo // Shin


Keep the cursor on a piccu to see what I have to say to it ^-^

Well, these are only before/after piccus, as no photos had been allowed during the concert, and only a few as well, 'cause it would take too much space to post more...
In case you'd like to see some more piccus of the masses in front of the hall and stuff have a look at vampirekitten's Gallery at Animexx. Or search for yourself in the galleries of Animexx concering the Diru-concert... [in case you don't speak german, the galleries are the blue links, each of one author, in the part titled "Foto-Galerien" ^-^]

If you want to know how Diru looked that days, have a look at the galleries of Rock am Ring 2005 and Rock im Park 2005 as well. Note that for Rock im Park, the Galleries are not only Diru.... Again the blue links, of course, ne~ ^-^

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