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Dir en Grey concert Paris 2005-07-24
written by Kiyami
translated by kuroi_neko

Well, today is friday, means we returned to life for 4 days now ^^ Monday doesn't count, since we still weren't able to speak then ^^
hmmm I think I should part this, otherwise it would be too confusing ^^

[I only translated the concert part, since am lazy and stuff...blah~ - KN]

I have to say, that the hall is -awesome-! The ground is sloping, means that everyone got a good view on the stage. Then there are, like, holes for ventilation for everyone, plus, the ground gave, what was especially great when "kodou" was played ^^ (had been the same like in Berlin. Suddenly all (meaning -all- as in -everyone-) the people were jumping like crazy ^^ And those who didn't want to, had just been thrown up by the ground with the others ^^)
Well, there was a band playing before Dir en Grey ^^ X - french metal band with female singer. I have to say that I actually liked it. They really tried to rock the audience, they were good on stage, the music is something like slipknot...I'd say. Quite a good sound! But they parted the masses. Some were rocking with them, some just stood and watched and others booed at them (which I, personally, think is pretty mean. Then better keep your mouth shut, because for them it was surely not easy to play in front of such an audience [I second that - KN). However, they seemed to enjoy it, and if not, they were good at hiding ^^ Our driver (I stood next to him) even caught the drumstick..but what happened, he let it drop. Then it laid there for a few moments, me going "Heiko, pick it up, it's on the ground!"...but he didn't seem to hear me, in the end someone else grapped it.
And then the guys came on stage ^^ I was standing on Dai's side again ^^ However not in 5th [Like in Berlin I think ^-^ - KN], but in 10th row this time. It wasn't that bad, you were able to overview everything from there without any problems ^^ Well, that must have been depending on places, but our corner was totally freaked out! Dai even missed his entrance, because everyone was cheering like crazy for him and he obviously wanted to stimulate us some more ^^ Dai and Totchi were in great mood anyway! Those two rocked like crazy! And they were really often running around near our corner (well, Dai anyway ^^). The greatest, really, was when they stood on the boxes (Totchi blew some kisses ^^ I guess that was too much for some people ^^) respectively Dai sat on the edge of the stage (woah, that's creepy! Dai looking straight into your eyes [x_x *is dead* - KN] He looked at everyone in sight and right into the eyes were possible. And they even seemed to have recognized some people from the Berlin concert, too ^^) They really enjoyed being celebrated! Dai and Kao also played together or against each other, that was so cool! *gg* Dai once tried to turn elegantly, but while doing so he stumbled over the mic stand ^^ And Totchi wanted to make good use of the after-vibes [?__? - KN] of his bass at the end and hung it over the mic stand. Well, this didn't seem to please the stand, so it collapsed and Totchi stood there...looking at this thing and then kicked it o_O nonono, poor stand respectively bass...*gg* Totchi was so great ^^ It was while break and he was standing on stage again, he was the only one I was able to see like this as well. Anyway, he was already ready with his bass again and went to the edge of the stage, suddenly the whole hall started screaming "Toshiya! Toshiya!..." He grinned like crazy and made moves with his hands, like "What's my name? I didn't hear you!" and they all were screaming even more and louder ^^ He seemed to like it ^^ Kyo was totally in it as well, again. Little longer than one song and he already seemed mind totally off, the blood capsules had been opened while the 3rd song already, I think and he beat himself with the mic again, as well. I don't understand how someone can still cheer for him doing so >_< [Me neither. He's -hurting- himself, DAMMIT ò_ó - KN] Setlist was the same as in Berlin, only without "byo[]shin" as encore. Kyo sung less in Paris than in Berlin. But while "shokubeni" the audience kept silent this time, you were able to hear him ^^ As long, as he motioned to us to join him...well, everyone was screaming along anyway like I-don't-know [Actually, I really don't know how to say ^-^° - KN], but Berlin had been louder, but that had been some more people there...I think Paris was about 2000 [Berlin = 3500 - KN] ... while "IIIRD empire" we -were- louder than Kyo anyway ^^ "Child Prey" - again - was one HELL of a great song! We always screamed the Dai and Totchi parts (but other than in Berlin, they didn't stop singing this time [They did stop in Berlin? o.0 meh~...didn't notice.. - KN]) alone and Kyo the "Cild Prey" parts. The "Kiss me, kill me, love me" ones had been screamed all together ^^ While kodou, everyone was jumping like crazy ^^ Really awesome ^^ But altogether the audience seemed to be more restrained than in Berlin, even if we stood in a body-crashing [Yeah...in german it's "pogen", but WTH is it in english?... Just imagine people jumping against each other, like punks and metals do normally - KN] mass at the beginning...it was then when 30-40 people were hit to the ground all at once, too...Our front-seat passenger fell on Fibi [Friend of Kiyami's, who would have guessed ^-^° - KN] and two others landed on himself so he wasn't able to get up first. Luckily the people around were helping immediately to get all the fallen ones on their feet again.
Kao was so awesome as well ^^ He always does this movements with his arms, ne? As fibi says so nice: He plays god ^^ [Such a Dork XD But that's why we love him ^-^ - KN] Well, he did that again (what kind of show would it be anyway without him doing this XD) and there were some girls standing on the balcony in the first row. He looked up to them and they were doing this movements as well. He was grinning like crazy and it made him going further even more ^^ You were able to really -see- his mood increasing from second to second ^^ And I've seen Shin smile MUHAHAHA XD *dork desu* [X_X *died the 2nd time* - KN] Well, Dai and Totchi didn't even -stop- grining XD Dai with his 360-watt grin ^^ Well, and Kyo seemed do be in his world ^^ But he made this strange laugh again ^^ I'm starting to get worried, hearing him laugh like this all the time ^^ In case someone's reading this who had been there as well [And understands german ^-^° - KN]: is it possible that Kyo screamed "LAUTER" [= louder - KN] once, ore am I imaginating things? O_o Anyway, everyone grew louder after this ^^ hmm, what else to say? Dai wore his outfit from Rock am Ring/im Park ^^ I -love- this turqoise pullover ^^ yeah...Totchi wore the same outfit as in Berlin, only that he's BLOND now...Kyo's hair is blond as well, with brown hair-line and length...I'd say about 5-7 cm. Kao wore a white pullover, that looked soo good! Well, and Shin does always look good, no matter what he does [I second that again! XD *dork* - KN] I don't remember what he wore, but he seems to have whiteblond upper hair now, the rest somehow darker...probably brownish, but I might be wrong...yea...they didn't threw as much stuff as in Berlin...I think Kyo knocked down someone with the bucket...he threw it into the first row full power >_< Totchi's water bottles had so much speed this time, that they hit the last row and the back wall ^^ You've only seen the people rush there ^^ Dai, once again, tried to throw his towel as far as possible...guess were it landed? I'll give you a clue: Berlin XD YES, right, in the first row, again ^^ Kyo's clothes (he had thrown a towel and his t-shirt) met the next world preeeeetty fast as well ^^ And Shin's sticks surely nearly beheaded some people once again ^^ Totchi threw his plecs into the audience, too ^^ But this time only on one site *moans* Dai threw his plecs the same way like in Berlin: All at once ^^ And Kao again: kisses and away with them ^^
Soooooooooooooooooo, I think that's it ^^ If I forgot something, it wasn't important. Though I doubt that anything I wrote was important ^^
Well, I'll say good bye now!
(My, that came out long o_O)
[Actually it's a lot shorter than the whole report ^-^° - KN]

No~w....I translated this in..let's say three hours or so. It's very bad english, mainly the grammar, I guess. If someone found faults (not only grammar) please tell me, will ya? Would be very nice *offers cookies*
While translating I noticed that I don't know many words to express joy >_< Gomen for that...I hope you got the point while reading ^-^ Anyway, it's just for information and for being annoyed about not having been there *my case*

Thanks a whole lot to Kiyami-chan, who allowed me to put this online here *hugglez*

Oh yeah, that comments in [..]-bracelets are mine, ne~ ^-^

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